what you can expect.

The other day, I posted this on FB and Twitter:
I’m going to do some research on applying investment strategies to relationships. Because “buy and hold” hasn’t really worked for me so far.
I got a “Like” from a friend of mine, and she commented that I shouldn’t forget that I’m a real catch.
And then, Ex-Husband #1 (who will hereafter be referred to as X1 – yes, I’m starting a collection) chimed in, maybe to disagree… Then the friend shot something back, and…well I just hope these 2 never meet because it could get ugly. I just thought I was being funny.
The fact that I may start a fight aside, I really do plan to apply investment theories to relationships on this blog. This will be just one of the fascinating topics that you will find here. Yeah, I guess it could end up being boring. But I promise, I’ll do my best.
I also plan to discuss a wide array of other topics, including but not limited to, and not guaranteed to show up:
  • Haiku For The Divorced
  • Music For Lonely People (complete with “I Feel Shitty,” “I Feel Good,” and “Fuck You” categories)
  • How To Get The Most Out Of Therapy, or, How To Make Sure You Don’t Become Too Happy As A Result Of Therapy
  • The Short List (you’ll just have to wait and see)
  • My Golf Score’s Direct Correlation To The State Of My Love Life
  • Tattoos And The Single Girl
  • How To Piss Me Off In 6 Hours Flat
  • Things To Do By Yourself (get your mind out of the gutter! Or leave it there, whatever.)
  • Meeting People Generally Entails Having To Make Eye Contact – How To Deal
  • Stupid Photo Gallery
  • How To Choose The Right Person To Obsess Over
Now doesn’t that sound fun?

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