summary of today’s run.

Time: 05:10
Distance: 3.6 mi
Location: the hood
70F (!), clear, starry sky with the perfect crescent sliver of a waning moon

Mile 1
Song: White Light – Wilco
Comment: Wow, I’m not sure how much more I can take but Wilco is telling me things are alright…

Mile 2
Song: Ladies of the World – Flight of the Conchords
Comment: Sorry about that, rabbits (details will remain between me and the rabbits)

Mile 3
Song: Run Like an Antelope – Phish (studio version)
Comment: Working up to running 9 miles by the end of October is going to be interesting…

Mile 3+
Song: Eyes of the World – Grateful Dead, live, circa 1973-1974
Comment: This song makes me feel better every time (except for versions from the early 80’s when it sounded like even Bobby Weir was on coke).

Summary: Running at 5 a.m. parallels the rest of my life right now… it’s dark in places, I can’t really see where I’m going, but I trust that the surroundings are still there, and are solid – and if I keep going, things will change. And it’s definitely good to enjoy the journey. It can transform you.


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