100 or less.

Here’s a “short story” consisting of – you guessed it – 100 words or less. NOT including the title, if there is one. Because I make up the rules, that’s why.


I walked to the edge and looked down. Then I looked left, and right. Down again. It was hard to see the surroundings – there was only a sliver of moon above, and the stars weren’t helping much either. I listened. To the left I heard a slight rustling noise. Nothing from the right. From behind I swore I heard the sound of laughter. Ahead of me I could hear water. I couldn’t tell if it was waves, like the ocean, or movement, like a river.
Well, here were my choices. It was now or never. I stepped over the edge.


2 thoughts on “100 or less.

  1. I wish you would step back from that ledge, my friend.

    Wow I just fatally damaged my musical credibility by quoting Third Eye Blind. That was awful, but I couldn't help it.


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