ace and stuff.

In the first installment of this series, I introduced you to Murray. Strong, silent Murray – my trusty companion.

I also mentioned the fridge in the garage, and told you that I hadn’t named the fridge. Well, I got called out on that one. I have actually named the fridge. It doesn’t have a proper name, like Bill or Wallace (but if it did, it would be a masculine name for sure…)
The fridge is named Man Fridge.
There are several reasons why it’s the Man Fridge – but the primary reason is because X2 would keep his beer in that fridge. Sometimes he’d have quite a bit of beer – we sometimes received presents from his brother-in-law, and sometimes he would brew his own and we’d have beer all over the place… so he got his own fridge, the Man Fridge.
After X2 moved out, the Man Fridge got a little bored, maybe felt a little left out even. It saw some action over the holidays, when we had 5 people living here for 2 weeks, and maybe a little action after that when my dad would make soups and whatnot and freeze everything and put it out in the Man Fridge. But since April, the Man Fridge has held some apples, and one container of frozen split pea soup.
So yesterday, I said goodbye to the Man Fridge. I donated it – they loaded it up in a matter of seconds and just like that – the Man Fridge was gone.
So now Murray has a little more leg room in the garage. And I will keep my apples in the house.
Sad to see it go, there were memories frozen in that fridge – but it feels good to let go and travel light.


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