ace and stuff.

It’s fall here, and finally a little cooler now, but this summer, it was very, very hot. I mean, like, really freakin’ hot. Record breaking temperatures. For a while there, it was making me anxious – until I went on vacation to Southern California, and got enough of a break from the sweltering temps to make it tolerable again.
But for a while there, I was getting very, very nervous about the state of my air conditioner. As the temperatures started to rise, I would hear that thing working away outside, and feel so bad… One day, when it was well over 110F, I remember thinking, “Poor Steve, he really is working hard…”
And thus my air conditioning unit was christened Steve.
I did show Steve my appreciation this summer and finally bought him an annual maintenance plan with a local heating/air company. I figured it was the least I could do. After I signed up, a technician came out to inspect Steve and make sure everything looked OK. He showed up on a very hot day. The poor guy – I think he had to get up in the attic too – he dripped sweat all over my kitchen floor. He told me that Steve was in great shape – but that he was too small. Well. What a thing to hear from a stranger in my kitchen.

Now I know there’s that raging debate out there about whether size matters – and for those of you who give it any thought, you surely come down on one side of the fence or the other about it, and we all have our opinions… but maybe when it comes to a/c units, it really does in fact matter. I don’t want Steve to have to work too hard to make up for his size… However, I don’t see any reason to up and replace him with a bigger model – at least until he’s not able to do the job anymore.

Thank you Steve, for your years of cool service. I know you’ve had to work extra hard for me, to make up for your size. And I appreciate it very much. Size never really mattered all that much to me anyway.

me and steve.


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