parliament: good band or gateway drug?

I think I have a problem. And it all started with creating a Parliament/Funkadelic station on Pandora a few months ago. I thought that this was great – I could kickstart my day with a little funk, no harm done. So I would have it on while I got ready for work. Then I started listening to it at work during the day. And maybe a little bit at home while making dinner. And then – it just didn’t do it for me anymore. I started to crave something stronger.

This is when the real trouble started – this is when I got a little crazy and created a James Brown station. 
I thought, I’ll just use it when I really need it, when I’m feeling a little down, or when I’m extra tired. I could turn it off anytime, no problem.
But then I stopped listening to Parliament altogether. And I stopped listening to the Jack Johnson station. And then Angie Stone fell by the wayside. It was James Brown all the way.
And now I’ve got it pretty bad. I can’t stop listening to my James Brown station. When I listen to it, I can’t stop moving. Which is good when I’m at home – I get extra exercise. But it’s a little inconvenient when trying to sit still at work. I have a hard enough time sitting still as it is. Now it’s real bad.
I think I have a problem. Good God ya’ll.


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