the scene.

Every so often, something comes up that’s compelling enough for me to leave South Tulsa and head out on the open road towards Downtown. Whirligig shows are just such occasions. Especially when they have Special Guests sitting in.
Whirligig is a Tulsa band that’s been around a while – since about 1994, according to founding member(and long-time friend of mine) Dylan Layton. They underwent a few personnel changes over the years, but as near as I can tell, they’re back to almost all the original members save one drummer.
So Saturday they were at the Colony – kinda like today’s version of Club One from back in the day. If you’ve never heard of Club One, you really missed out. It was a small dumpy bar in an apartment complex off of Riverside and I’ve heard all kinds of stories about that place; my favorite being how someone found Clapton passed out in a dumpster. Real Tulsa history there.
So. The Colony. It’s a cozy place and I feel alright going by myself – I never sit by myself mind you, but I can show up alone and be alright. The very first time I went there I was a little worried by the large group of drunken Rugby players, but I’ve not seen them since. And thank goodness it’s all non smoking.
I showed up in time to catch the entire first set and almost made it all the way through the second before giving out around 1:20 a.m. It was a great show – the band sounded great and their Special Guest was Brad James – my favorite local guitarist save for Dylan and the other Whirligig guitarist, Kelly. I love getting hugs from Brad – I come up to about his belly button.
So when Brad plays with Whirligig, it’s like Christmas for me – my 3 favorite local guys. Everyone sounded great, we heard original stuff, and covers including an awesome version of JJ Cale’s “I’ll Make Love to You Anytime” – one that Brad’s old band Medicine Show used to cover all the time. It was like I was back at Club One again in the early nineties on New Year’s Eve on mushrooms all over again… OK not really.
I know I’ve mentioned this before – I’m not a big fan of alcohol or more accurately I’m not a big fan of what alcohol does to people, and this night was no exception. I’m sure people think they dance really awesomely when they’re drunk but they just look kind of stupid and are a health hazard for the rest of us. Oh well.
And then Biker Fox showed up… if you don’t know who he is, well I don’t want to be the one to have to “expose” you to him. You can Google him if you like – if you want a real treat, check him out on Google Images… I had never seen him in person before and all I can say is, I’m now scarred for life. It’s enough to almost turn a man-lovin’ woman off the male gender altogether.
At some point someone showed up in a gorilla suit – I’m not sure what that was all about, but he didn’t look too out of place though. And let’s see… Medicine Show’s old drummer from waaaay back, Kenny, was there, and also Rocky Frisco was in the house, sitting alone and sipping his McDonald’s coffee. He used to play with JJ Cale back in the day, and used sit in with Whirligig as a guest keyboardist.
It was a good night. I got introduced to someone who I already knew from 1991 – I’ve seen him out and about over the years but I guess he’d forgotten who I was, but so this time I got to hear about how he had come over to the house I was renting with a friend and… oh well it’s not important. I had forgotten that story and it’s probably better that way. Also a nice guy I had seen out at shows since 1993 finally introduced himself – a super nice guy, he and his wife also used to go see Medicine Show all the time. This nice person told me I was “a doll.”
Well, it’s a start.

the brad james.
matt, brad and dylan.

2 thoughts on “the scene.

  1. Fun! You know, The Colony is my neighborhood bar! I haven't been there in a while but hearing that it's now non smoking makes me want to get back over there! Sometimes it's nice to get out and take in the nightlife…been too long since I've done that and this inspires me to get out 🙂


  2. This sounds like fun! If you ever want company, let me know. Lord knows I can't depend on my man to go out with me on the weekends. And usually I enjoy staying in but every once in awhile I just want to go out, get wasted, and throw my panties on stage, ya know? (Huge exaggeration, if you ever want to take me with you I swear I won't embarrass you).


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