more than one reason to love alessandro nivola’s abs.

This morning I was thinking about Alessandro Nivola’s abs, circa 2002.
It’s true, they are lovely to behold in and of themselves, but I was thinking about them as seen in a film that was released that year called “Laurel Canyon.” In the context of this film, Mr. Nivola’s torso represents self-actualization.
On the most basic level, “Laurel Canyon” is about an uptight man and his fiance who move to Los Angeles for a while for work, and stay with his mother, who is a fast-living record producer with a younger boyfriend who has really awesome abs. When these two lifestyles collide, things start happenin’…
I think about this film and others like it quite often though, because of the theme of self-actualization. We can watch this shy, book-smart fiance break open and discover a whole new side of herself. It’s like flexing a set of muscles you didn’t even know you had. She tries new things, some of them end in disaster, but hey, building muscle can be painful sometimes.
I love watching movies that give their characters these kinds of workouts. “Secretary” is another film like this, and I think “Lost In Translation” could qualify, on a much more subtle level, as well as Sofia’s latest, “Somewhere.” I know there are lots of other examples but these are some of my favorites. None of these others showcase Alessandro’s abs (although Stephen Dorff might could give him a run for his money), but the main characters still get pretty good workouts.
Can you think of any films in this genre that you like?
Or at the very least, can you think of films where we’ll see a torso like Alessandro’s? Please contact me…

mr. nivola

you didn’t think i’d end without something like this, did you??


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