9 months ago today, my Mom passed away. Yes, it was a sad day – but it was also a day of relief. I won’t ever go into the details of how unbelievably… sheesh, I can’t even think of a good word to describe what it was. Just know that it was not easy – for anyone closely involved and most of all for my mom.
For the last two weeks of her life, four people meditated every night, for an hour, praying for her safe and peaceful journey. My Dad and I would sit with my Mom, with a candle lit (which we dutifully kept lit, for at least two weeks straight, 24 hours a day); the caretakers knew ahead of time what we were doing, and would come in and check on her quietly and we would keep on meditating. And then my Aunt and Uncle in Boston also joined us in “the vortex” every night from Boston. Deepti and Jan kept a candle burning 24 hours a day there, too.
So the four of us would meet up every night, and sit. It was a powerful experience for all of us.
When it was over, we likened our experience to a Pilgrimage – we had traveled a long hard road together. However, it soon became apparent that the journey wasn’t over in March – it actually would continue through to March 13, 2012.
Every quarter, we still meet up in the vortex and meditate together – my Dad in California, me here in Oklahoma, and my Aunt and Uncle in Massachusetts. The last trans-continental session is tonight, at 8 p.m. CST.
For the next one, the last one, in March, we will all be together – we will meet in Boston to scatter my Mom’s ashes, and have a small ceremony to complete the Pilgrimage. We will break bread together and reminisce. We will be family.

jan & deepti’s cat moonbeam, in front of a statue that belonged to my mom.

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