yes, i went to texas. again.

I went to Austin twice in the last 30 days. I would have gone for 3 if I had the time and the money…

This time around, I got a few other things done in Texas as well as visiting the ATX. I found out right before I left that I had bronchitis, and spent most of the trip feeling pretty lousy and coughing ALL. THE. TIME. (I’m so sorry for anyone who tried to hold a conversation with me during this time).

My first stop was Dallas, where I spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in a seminar. 3 12-hour days. But it was all good. I met some really great people, had some amazing experiences, and learned a lot.
I had to be back in Dallas on Tuesday evening, for a final session, but had all that free time, so… I headed down to Austin. I couldn’t resist.

I spent some time drinking coffee and sending emails, just getting the feel of the place. I ate at a few cool restaurants, met an awesome new friend, and heard some more phenomenal live music. As I was standing in the Saxon Pub for the second time in 3 weeks, watching Matt the Electrician, I had the distinct feeling that I was home. It was so damn cool. And as an extra bonus, I shook Scrappy Jud Newcomb’s hand.
I miss you Austin – I will be back. Soon.

going west, then south

me and murray, dallas tx

matt the electrician and scrappy jud newcomb, saxon pub, austin tx
i shook scrappy’s hand that night. one for the diary. i mean blog.

Here’s some video I shot on the trip.
Matt the Electrician at the Saxon Pub, December 19, 2011
Charlie Mars at the Saxon Pub, December 19,2011 (yes I know it’s a little blurry in spots, sorry)
Driving. And eating. And more driving.

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