the scene.

I know you’ll be surprised by this – last Saturday night I actually Went Out.
This is surprising for several reasons:
– I don’t go out much
-I’ve been sick and it was looking like I might never actually get better
Well, I shouldn’t say I don’t go out much. I do go out a lot – to work, to the store, to the other store, to that one store just to buy eggs, to the mailbox, to the doctor’s office…
I have some very dear, awesome friends who are nice enough to let me know when something ultra cool is happening around town and say “you should come!”  This is pretty nice – for all the times I haven’t come, they are still sweet enough to ask.
The Brad James Band played Saturday night, at the Colony in MidTown. My friend Dylan plays bass with Brad, and had let me know about the show. Brad’s not actually on Facebook but had his lovely wife Anne sent me a message on FB that I should show up and “bring my boogie.”
By 8:30 p.m. I had come up with at least 5 reasons why I would decide at the last minute to bail. I then watched a movie. But when it finished, I decided OK what the hell. I should go up there and pay my $5 cover to help out and say hello, watch a song or two and then go home. I wasn’t exactly feeling healthy enough to “bring my boogie” but at least I’d show up. So I rolled in around 11 and stayed till 1. Which is pretty good, for me. Now when the people you know at the bar are all on the stage it can be a bit lonely in the audience (Anne was sitting in the back but I can’t see from back there!). But that’s OK – I just go to listen to the music, and I’m not going to let something like sitting alone stop me from going to see good music, damnit.
I know I’ve mentioned Brad James here on my blog before – he is one of the best Oklahoma musicians around. I’ve known him since around 1993 when he was playing with Medicine Show. He has made more than one Tulsan happy by starting up this band and playing live music again every so often.
Saturday night he had quite a few people crammed up on the tiny stage at The Colony – a drummer, a percussionist, 2 keyboardists, and a bass player. And let me tell you, they sounded GOOD.
Brad and company played a lot of old songs from the MS days and plenty of fantastic covers. At one point he introduced a song as one having been written by his old friend Stephen Bruton. The song, “To Find My Love” is one that Brad has played since I’ve known him, it’s one of my favorites – but until Saturday I never knew it was written by Stephen Bruton.
And you ask, why would you care, Ace? Because until his passing in (I believe) 2009, Stephen Bruton was a member of one of my super-favorite-ever bands, The Resentments out of Austin, TX. I am so impressed that Brad was friends with Stephen! Although I’m not surprised. I think there are a few musical connections between Tulsa and Austin and it just seems so natural that I’ve been drawn to discover and get to know an amazing group of talented, creative, wonderful people.
If you live in the Tulsa area, I hope you’ll come out to see them next time they play – you’ll have a wonderful time seeing some fantastic music, and I’ll have someone to sit with.
I’ll leave you with a little sample from the evening. Brad had looked my way and asked “what should we play next?” and I said, “something funky.” And this is what we got. I’m just sorry I didn’t get the whole song. But a little taste is better than none at all.

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