Last Sunday, I drove up to Turkey Mountain and went on a little hike. It was windy, but not too cold – a pretty nice day, considering it’s January!

I took the shorter trail this first time – the map said it was a 40-minute hike but it probably took me longer as I stopped to take pictures and veered of course for a while. It was nice and steep in some places, and plenty rocky. The trail didn’t afford any views of downtown Tulsa but it was pretty nonetheless and quiet – except for the wind through the branches.
At one point I came to a clearing and saw this… thing. My first thought was “Oh wow, I want to photograph that!” And my second thought was, “For some reason, this reminds me of Jon.”
So I took a picture of it, and uploaded it to Instagram, the photography app for iPhones. 
Here is the conversation that resulted:
@theaceneil: @jonrodgers for some reason I thought of you when I took this, not sure why!
@jonrodgers: Maybe cuz I’m old, rusty and broken? It’s beautiful though.
@theaceneil: I just don’t know. I’ll think about it some more…
Then last night, Monday night, I figured it out.
@jonrodgers and I have never met. We know each other through Instagram. We’ve chatted several times and I can tell he is a Wise Man.
While I’m not really sure what this thing is in this photograph, it obviously (hopefully) has something to do with transportation. And so does @jonrodgers.
Jon, you are an Old Soul – and a fellow traveler. 
It’s so nice to meet good people along the way.

p.s. you should follow jon on Instagram – @jonrodgers. he takes great pictures. you can follow me, too – @theaceneil. just sayin.


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