ace and stuff.

If you’ve been reading my blog from time to time, you’ll know that occasionally I write about my stuff. I’ve written about my car, my fridge, and my air conditioner…
Well today I’m writing about my Chemex.
I have been carrying on a very fervent, passionate love affair with coffee since Thanksgiving. I owe it all to one of the tastiest and most enjoyable cups of espresso I’ve ever had, down in the ATX. Since then I’ve come to appreciate the goodness that is home-ground beans and home-brewed coffee.
Last year, I inherited my Mom’s Chemex and for 9 months kept it in a cupboard thinking, what the heck am I going to do with this thing, as I get my lattes from Starbuck’s, and what’s the point of actual drip coffee anyway, lattes are the only drink worth having. But now I know better.
According to the Chemex Web Site, this glass coffeemaker was invented in 1941 by a Very Smart Person. The special glass and filter prevent bitterness, and it looks darn spiffy, too.
I’ve discovered there are very strict rules for brewing A Cup Of Coffee, including using a burr grinder for the beans, getting the filter wet before making the coffee, using a special kind of kettle to heat/pour the water, weighing the amount of coffee to use… yeah, I’m not quite there yet as far as actually doing all that – but I’m working my way up to it. For now I wing it – I brew the coffee, add some steamed milk and a dash of cinnamon every so often – voila, something that makes me happy.
As far as what type of coffee to use… I’ve been buying local from Topeca, here in Tulsa, and I also met someone on Instagram who suggested a coffee trade, so I’ve been enjoying a bag of Fourbarrel coffee from San Francisco. Once I’ve gone through what I have, I’ll be adventurous and order some from somewhere else, probably on the advice of Mr. @crunchytoast on Instagram, who does seem to be quite the expert!
And yes, true to form, I have named my Chemex. And it’s a masculine name, in keeping with Murray, the Man Fridge, and Steve…
My Chemex is named Bruce. He may be small in stature, but he’s strong, elegant, talented, and brings me happiness, in a civilized, albeit slightly melancholy way. What he produces is food for the soul. Thank you, Bruce. Here’s to a long, satisfying relationship.

6 thoughts on “ace and stuff.

  1. I'm not a coffee drinker but I can appreciate the art of brewing your own coffee! My folks have been obsessed with doing their own with something called the Coffee Toddy which also involves a glass container… 🙂


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