travelogue – the polar exhibition.

I am starting an expedition. Well, it started already, last Friday. It started a little suddenly, so I’m not sure that I’ve packed everything I need, but I’ll just wing it, and I’m sure everything will work out great.

I’m going to document my trip here on my blog, with words, maybe photos and/or video.
I looked up “travelogue” in MS Word, and it says “a film, video, or piece of writing, or a lecture accompanied by pictures, video, or film, about travel, especially to interesting or remote places, or about one’s travels.” (Hello, Department of Redundancy Department!)
Well, I’m not sure this qualifies as an interesting place, but it is probably rather remote… I’m certainly not going to lecture anyone… Instead of calling it an expedition, I’m calling it an Exhibition.

So, from time to time over the next month, you will see some travelogue journal entries showing up. Here is the first one.

Date: Sunday, February 5, 2012
Location: Turkey Mountain, Tulsa, OK, USA
Conditions: Cold, Still, and Reflective.


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