my degenerate high school years, part one

As a teenager, I was an Angry Young Woman. It’s taken years of therapy to figure out what exactly I was angry about, but that’s a story for a different time…
I was Punk in high school. I had a modified Mohawk, my favorite band was The Damned, I listened to a lot of loud, angry music – I went to a LOT of concerts (for you music aficionados, the 80’s were a pretty great time to be living in SoCal, when good bands and all-age clubs were plentiful). I looked scary. I worried my mom. I didn’t have a lot of friends.
I was also in all honors classes.
Needless to say, I was the scariest looking person in those classes. But I was a good student. I did well. I did what was required, and then some.  I just looked weird.
I got in trouble in school only twice in those four years. Surprising, right? But true. I may have looked angry, and to this day I have a decent subversive streak built into my personality, but for the most part I’ve always colored inside the lines.
So maybe you’re thinking, no way, Andrea, you only got in trouble twice? But you were such a bad ass! If it only happened twice, they must have been pretty spectacular events! You crazy girl you! Yeah well, it’s quite possible I was all bark, and no bite…
pens are fascinating
The first time I got in trouble was when my 3 friends and I tried to leave our closed campus for lunch. We were seniors – what the heck, everyone was doing it! It was only lunch for god’s sake, it’s not like we were trying to skip class to rob a convenience store.  We were trying to go during our allotted lunch hour… When we pulled out of our parking spot, we didn’t get more than 20 feet before a teacher spotted us and stopped us. This resulted in my one and only detention.  For trying to go to lunch. During lunch.
The second time I got busted didn’t actually result in any formal punishment, because my Mom ended up covering for me. Really? No way! I can hear you saying. Well, once you hear this part, you might understand why she gave me a break.
OK so I mentioned earlier my favorite band was The Damned, right? They are from England. So when they came to the United States to tour, it was a big deal! There was no way I was going to miss that. However, as fate would have it, I had a Calculus test the next day, that I needed to study for. Choices, choices… So here’s what I did. I wrote a note, excusing myself from my last few classes, so that I could go home and study before I went to the show. I signed my Mom’s name. I figured when she got home from work, she wouldn’t even know I had done it.
I had a friend who successfully wrote her own excuse notes, on several occasions, and she never got caught, so yeah… but no. The school called my Mom, asking her about the note. She told them that yes, she had written it. She covered for me! But then she came home from work and asked me about it. I told her I wrote it so I could come home and study for a test. Everyone involved knew my Mom had not written the note. But you see – how could you punish someone for wanting to come home and study??
I didn’t really get in trouble, but I felt awful. Partly because I don’t like to do dishonest things like that, but also partly because I got caught. If I had written it and gotten away with it, I’d only feel a little awful.

I did end up going to that concert. With the older boy who lived downstairs. Who was definitely on my Mom’s No Fly List. But that, too, is definitely a story for another day.
this is what happens when you drop out of calculus at the sememster, but
end up on the yearbook staff


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