further musings on tattoos.

So what can we say about those people who don’t really think it through before running out and getting inked? I wonder if they approach relationships the same way. Is that the type of person I want to go out with? Yes, we’ve all made mistakes, and we’ve all done things that, looking back, maybe weren’t such a great idea…so maybe I should hear the story behind your tattoo before I make a decision. Let’s take a brief tour of some of my relationships using tattoos as a bellweather:
Boy #1: This boy had a tattoo on his bicep of the upper half of a skeleton appearing to poke through the flesh of his arm. I have no idea what this was supposed to signify. If I remember correctly (and trust me, these years are pretty blurry), he thought it looked cool. Well there you go. This was the boy who definitely had a few bad habits, which I thought about going into here, but yeah, I think I’ll just let those go. What was I thinking? I may as well have had that skull tattoo on my forehead.
Boy #2: A tattoo of his college logo on one hip, and his astrological sign on the other…OK well from him we can gather that he was loyal (to his school, anyway), and I guess he liked to be symmetrical, but couldn’t think of anything better than an astrological sign to ink opposite the college logo. If I remember this right, alcohol WAS involved in the decision making process. He did end up being pretty loyal – but not to me. As for the astrological sign…well I can still remember when his birthday is…
Boy #3:  He had a tribal-looking tattoo on his right shoulder. This was the most interesting of the bunch. The most interesting tattoo, and the most interesting boy. He was the one that, to date, lasted the longest.  And to refer back to the tattoo – I could never figure out what the significance of it was. When I’d ask about it, I would just get “I don’t know” as an answer. And that just sort of summed up the whole relationship. I never could figure out what was important to him. I’m not sure he knew either.  I hope he figures it out someday – his tattoo and his life…
Next time, we’ll take a look at the 2 tattoos I got this summer.

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